It seems to be a big trend this year, bags with ears on them. Whether its cat ears, bunny ears or even Mickey Mouse ears. So the question is, yay or nay on bags with ears?

I had a little backpack when I was still in school that has ears on them. It was a pink Hello Kitty backpacks and it was shaped like a Hello Kitty – including the famous bow and ears. So when I noticed the other days on how many bags now have ears on them, it did make me remise on my childhood Hello Kitty backpack. I wonder, whatever happens to that bag?

Anyway, bags with ears is now a big trend so far this year. What do you guys think about it? Do you dig it? Does it want to make you buy a bag with ears on them? Would you like a cute cat ears bags or perhaps a Mickey Mouse one?

My problem with this bag trend is, can anyone pull this off? What I mean by this? Would a sophisticated admin in an office pull off having a bag with ears on them? Would you use this while on a date or meeting with friends?

I can’t help but feel that this trend on bags with ears works best for younger people who are into alternative fashion, rather than the older sophisticated woman. Please by all mean, tell me I’m wrong on this. Growing up I’ve always seen this kind of bag style at alternative independent market stalls – never on the high street.

If I was perhaps quite a few years younger, I would be all over this bags with ears trend. There was a period of time when I was into alternative fashion an adore anything quirky. But now I’m older, my taste has changed.

So the only thing left is, yay or nay on bags with ears? What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy one and if, so where would you use it?

bags with ears


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