a transparency bag for your photos

Here a crazy idea, a see-through bag for your photos. Sound like a crazy idea but someone has already thought if it. Here is a transparency bag for your photos.

A girl I use to work with had one of these type bags and I thought it was a very clever idea and something I haven’t seen before. At first, I thought it was on the wrong side if you know what I mean? I mean the bag isn’t supposed to be transparency, they supposed to be a secret place to put your things in where no one can see.

A rule my mum told me when I got my first handbag, I must have been about 9-10. Don’t let anyone see inside it and keep it close to you at all time. Sound like a reasonable logical rule if you ask me. So that stayed with me since. I don’t let anyone touch or see inside it – not even my husband and I keep it close to me at all time, even at home.

So the idea of a transparency bag throws me all off, especially the rule I have been living by. But what I think is cool about a transparency bag for your photos, is just that. A transparency bag where you can also store your photos in. These bags have little slots where you can put your photos in. You can essentially decorate the bag with your photos.

Another thing which I think is cool with a see-through bag for your photos is the photos do give the bag a limited amount of privacy. Well as private as a transparency bag can be. The photos cover the front part of the bag so unless you get a real nosy-parker poking around, no one should look in.

You, of course, can put a bag inside a transparency bag, no one says you can’t. But where the fun of that? Would you use a transparency bag for your photos? What is your thought on this?


a transparency bag for your photos