faith embroidered cross body bag
Cross Body Bag

Faith Embroidered Cross Body Bag

If you are looking for a simple crossbody bag that has a little-embroidered style to it. Then you might like this faith embroidered cross body bag. What can be said about this bag? Well, it has a cute pink bow on its gold chain. It also vibrant pink colour with…

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Zara pink mini city bag
High Street, Pink

5 Reasons to buy Zara Pink Mini City Bag

When searching for your new handbag, it can sometime take a lifetime; while other take no time at all. So here are 5 reasons to buy this Zara pink mini city bag and why it need to be your new handbag. It true though, you can spend your lifetime looking…

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New Look Pink Pom Pom Tote Bag

New Look Pink Pom Pom Tote Bag

To those who are starting uni this September, then you will need a bag that not only practical – but one that will make a good impression. Here is the New Look Pink Pom Pom Tote bag. I was a student once upon a time, so I know what it…

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