shearling shopper bag

If you like your bag a little on the luxury side and adore anything from The White Company. Then here a luxury shearling shopper bag you wouldn’t want to miss.

Since the introduction of the ban on plastic carry bags. More and more people are looking for a handy alternative bag to hold in their shopping. For most people, the main criteria when looking for a shopping bag is something that will fit in all the shopping without needing to buy a new one; as well as something a little more stylish.

So when I saw this shearling shopper bag from The White Company, I knew it ticked all the boxes most people were looking for in a shopping bag.

This is a striking addition to any bag collection, this luxury shearling shopper bag has been crafted from panels of Italian Merinillo shearling, which is the softest, lightest shearling available with a short but plush feel. The tactile design is finished with two drop handles, with suede on the outside and leather inside, while a leather panel and feet protect the base from wear and tear. The top is open but can be fastened with a studded tab to keep items secure, while the inside is fully lined. Due to the natural materials used in this luxury shearling shopper bag, no two bags are ever the same.

This Shearling shopper bag is stylish (anything better than those garnish bags you often get in the store), very luxurious and also handy enough to fit all your shopping in.

While some people might not like the shearling materials. At least you will know that its durable and will keep for a long time. Unlike leather or other fabrics, this wouldn’t tear so easily.

If you are looking for a stylish luxurious shopping bag this year. Then may I recommend this luxury shearling shopper bag.

shearling shopper bag

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