If you are looking for a sophisticated backpack, then I might have found one. Let me show you this MyBag x Grafea backpack.

I have been on the hunt for a backpack for a while. Well to be more precise, a backpack that will meet my requirement. You see, I do actually have a backpack – well quite a few backpack in fact. But none of them really meet my requirement.

One is too big and only good for carrying my laptop around, the other is too fiddly and break easily. And the other isn’t big enough for me to carry my camera equipment and all my daily essential.

So yes, been on the hunt for a new backpack. I want one that will sit on my shoulder comfortably, doesn’t break and is big enough for my camera stuffs. Tricky requirements.

I thought I would never get there, till I saw this MyBag x Grafea backpack. And with that, like a lighting strike, I may have found the backpack I’ve been looking for.

But there is a catch (isn’t there always), it completely outside my price limit. This cute little backpack isn’t cheap. It £220! Yeah I might have to wait to win the lottery, before buying this.

Which is a shame, as I really do like the look of this MyBag x Grafea backpack. For example, it has detachable straps, a cute little pomp om keyring, side pockets and it leather.

This would have been the ideal backpack to use when I’m doing a day shooting. Love how I’m able to fit in my camera, perhaps a lens and for good measure perhaps a spare lens. Well also storing all my dailies essential, you know – phone, purse, keys.

Oh well, perhaps you might be lucky and get this bag for yourself. Would you buy MyBag x Grafea backpack for yourself?

MyBag x Grafea backpack

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