Meli Melo Women's Severine Bucket Bag

What are your thoughts on bucket bag? Yay or nay on them? Let me show you the meli melo Women’s Severine Bucket Bag.

I’m a little undecided on bucket bag, I couldn’t decide whether I like them or not. I think the real deal breaker for me is that these bag – (and I’m totally stating the obvious here) look like a bucket.

There no get away from it. It shaped like a bucket. It round and has handle – much like any old bucket would have.

I think that the real problem with it – for me anyway. You can’t get away from it, the fact that it shaped and look very much like a bucket.

However, bucket bag is very much on trend this season and with online stores and high street retailer stocking them. It would be a foolish time to not liking them.

Let me show you this meli melo Women’s Severine Bucket Bag. This bag was designed in collaboration with fashionista, Olivia Palermo.

It red, shaped like a bucket, so has all the hallmark of a bucket bag. And yet I kind of like it. Which isn’t like me at all – as I’m not a fan of bag that is round.  It a silly thing to say, but this could be why I have a problem with bucket bag. I don’t hate round bag; I just think they are more of nonesuch as you can only ever fit in a limited amount in a round bag.

It has a zipper around I closure – making it waterproof. Now you can see, why this one bucket bag that has caught my eyes recently. I also love the leather material and the little adjustable tubular strap that make this bag be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

So what are your thoughts on this bucket bag, would you buy one? Do you like the look of Meli Melo Women’s Severine Bucket Bag?

Meli Melo Women's Severine Bucket Bag


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