leather custard cream handbag

If you are looking for an alternative designed handbag. Here is a handbag that really takes the biscuit.

I haven’t really shown many quirky alternative handbags yet on this blog. So today is a handbag for all your biscuits fan. Personally, I’m more a chocolate bar kind of girl. But I am a fan of custard cream.

So what do you do when you see a handbag combined with your love of custard cream? Well, you take a look at this handbag: leather custard cream handbag.

A leather handbag shaped like the classic tea-time treats, custard cream. Sound almost silly to say this, just don’t try to eat this bag. Cause while it might look good enough to eat. Stating the obvious here, it not actually a biscuit.

A beautiful size bag that is able to fit in all your valuable everyday items, it also a bag that stands out from all the fashion crowds.

So often bags on the high street, all looks the same and is all part of the season trend. There no individual style. This is why I found myself really liking this handbag. Cause it a little quirky, and very different to what you see on the high street.

Be that girl in the office who carried around a leather custard cream handbag. Be different and original. Or be that girl who goes on a group holiday and uses while having a cocktail on the beach.

The good thing about this bag, as well as looking a little different to most bags. Is that you don’t necessarily have to hold on it everywhere like a clutch bag. It had an adjustable strap so you can wear this on your shoulder or across the body.

So are you ready for a handbag that takes the biscuit? Will you be picking up this leather custard cream bag?

leather custard cream handbag