Zara pink mini city bag

I don’t want you to just idle sit back and not be involved on here, so what I want you to do is to show us what is in your handbag.

That right, I don’t want my readers to just sit back and read on here while twiddling your thumbs. Oh no! I want you to jump right in and be involved with all the actions.

So calling all bloggers (and non-bloggers, you’re not excluded either in this!), what I want you to do is show us what is in your handbag.

A fun feature will be starting up on here where I want you to show us what is in your handbag. This is a popular feature you usually see on YouTube videos where people just show you their handbag and show you what they carry inside.

Now I always enjoy watching this kind of videos, so I thought as this is a bag blog; Why not do it on here.

The concept is really simple, just simply show us what is in your handbag. You don’t need to go on video for this. All you have to do is email me with a couple pictures of your handbag and what you carry inside; as well a few lines on why you chose that particle bag and the items you choose to carry.

Now some people wouldn’t dream of showing anyone what is inside their handbag, and that’s fine. But if you enjoy watching that kind of videos and like to be a little nosy, then please do drop me an email .

I know you must be thinking, what the benefit for you? Well, you do get a backlink to your blog as well as gaining some new readers. That has to be worth it.

Now despite me asking you to email in and write a few lines. I do need to make myself clear here – I do not accept guest post. So please don’t email me pretending to take part when it a guest post request. The answer to that is no.

If you got any questions, feel free to comment down below. But for now, email me and show us what is in the your handbag.

(To help you and to give a little bit of a guide: read my post on my other blog.)