French Connection Knotted Backpack

Having a big knot design on the front of a bag seem to be a theme this season. So let me show you the French Connection Knotted Backpack.

Hello, I am back. Sorry for disappearing for a few weeks. I went traveling all round Europe. It was amazing and I’m detailing all my amazing adventures on my other blog, so head over there to have a read on what I’ve been upto.

Anyway, I’m back and trust me I have a lot of bags to show you. Starting with this gorgeous French Connection Knotted Backpack.

This one caught my eyes, for obvious reason – the big knot design at the front. Kind of look similar to the Ted Baker giant leather knot bow clutch bag I showed you a few week ago.

Now I’ve seen the big knot designs on a few bags now, so this is leading me to believe that there is some kind theme/trend going on.

Not that I’m complaining mind you, cause I like this big knot trend on bags. The knot themselves look like origami and who doesn’t love origami?

This French Connection Knotted Backpack, apart from the obvious knot at the front. I do think this is quite a cute backpack.

You may have noticed I’m into backpack recently, well the thing is – I do like bags that leave my hand and arm free. I also like something I can sling on my back and know none of my valuable will fall out.

So you can see why this French Connection Knotted Backpack caught my eyes. Not only it a cute pink backpack, but it something I can sling on my back and not worry about it. Also it looks big enough where I could use this for a camera bag, I’m in desperate need for a camera bag so this could be the one.

Are you a fan of the big knot trend on bags? Will you be picking up this French Connection Knotted Backpack?

French Connection Knotted Backpack

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