Free People empress velvet hobo bag

A bag that is velvet, embroidered and that will make all your friend jealous. Let me show you this Free People empress velvet hobo bag.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is a beauty. It like the designer look into my brain and designed me a bag of my dream. My perfect dream.

It one of the best side of writing here, the opportunity to find your perfect bag. That one single bag you have been dreaming about your whole life.

What do I love about this bag? Well for a starter it purple (if you didn’t know, purple is my favorite colour!), velvet, and beautifully embroidered. It also a dual usage where it can be turned into a backpack. Such a clever idea.

It also has a Boeheim feel to it. Don’t you think, so? What I mean by this is, I feel you would take the bag to Woodstock where you would dance around a campfire while listening to trance music. This bag also breaks away from the fashion trend you always see on the high street. It has its own individual style where it free to be whatever it wants to be. In this case, a Free People empress velvet hobo bag.

So the designer of Free People, I salute you and give you a big thank you for designing a bag of my dream. A bag that break away from all the fashion norm. A bag that is dual usage and is perfect for any free spirited person.

What are your thought on this bag? Are you in love with the Free People empress velvet hobo bag? Will you be buying this?

Free People empress velvet hobo bag