faith embroidered cross body bag

If you are looking for a simple crossbody bag that has a little-embroidered style to it. Then you might like this faith embroidered cross body bag.

What can be said about this bag? Well, it has a cute pink bow on its gold chain. It also vibrant pink colour with embroidered jewels detailed. And it also a across the body bag – which leaves your hand completely free.

This is always a big plus for me when a bag can leave your hand free. I’m not a fan of handing holding bag as well you’re stuck with holding this one bag while you’re out doing other things.  And all shoulder bag does is annoyed you as it never stays on the shoulder. You can see why I’m a fan of cross the body bag.

So when a see a lovely cross the body bag, such as this faith embroidered cross body bag. I’m all over it.

There will be some who will argue that the bag isn’t exactly big enough to fit everything in. My answer would be that they are very wrong, as it quite surprising how much you can fit into a small bag compartment. Ok sure, you won’t be able to fit the kitchen sink – but you can fit in your lipstick and eyeshadow.

The faith embroidered cross body bag is one you can use at any time of day. This is very much a day to night bag – or even the other way round: night to day. You will be using this bag anytime and anywhere; you will never leave home without it.

If you like a vibrant, anytime bag that will leave your hand free. And if you also like to stand out from the crowd and follow your own fashion bag trend. Then this faith embroidered cross body bag is indeed the one for you.

faith embroidered cross body bag

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