gipsy bohemian bags

I went down a rabbit hole last week on Pinterest and discovered lots of beautiful gipsy bohemian bags. Here is a small selection of these bags and where you find them online.

What is it with me and anything to do with gipsy bohemian? I literally go crazy for it. So much so, at the moment I’m trying to decorate my office into a bohemian oasis of calm. I have always been like that, finding myself drawn to the gipsy bohemian life. I could very well have been a gipsy in my past life.

Last year I was given a beautiful gipsy bohemian bag from House of Fraser press day, and since then I have been spiralling more and more down the rabbit hole of gipsy bohemian bags trying to find a new one which I can add to my collection. It, not the easiest thing to photograph.

beautiful gipsy bohemian bags

Last week I went quite deep into that rabbit hole on Pinterest, just pinning everything I see and want. And this made me think, finding these beautiful gipsy bohemian bags isn’t the easiest things to find both on the high street and online.

It a very niche market and people who are looking for this kind of bags are also free spirits and loves the bohemian life. Often you can only pick these bags up at specialist market stalls or on a niche online store. Nothing wrong with that, I just wish it was more available to the wider audience.

Being the crazy bag woman I am, I have been doing some research and have come up with a small selection of beautiful gipsy bohemian bags you will want for yourself. Take a look at these and tell if they inspire you to live a freer life. Or at least something you would want for yourself.

DadAblui Afghani Baba Bag with Fringes

The Boho Boutique Boho Chic Fringe Bag

Pink Banjara Bag with Pink Fringe

Bohemian Love Gypsy oversized clutch bag

Etsy Morroccan Leather Bag *


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