The Beautiful Bag Blog Pinterest Group

There’s something quite relaxing looking at beautiful bags and pinning them. That is why I created The Beautiful Bag Blog Pinterest Group.

I’m always on the lookout for my next bags, not just so I can feature them on here. But also I do find it quite relaxing to look at beautiful bags. I know it a strange thing to admit, but I do enjoy browsing around – both online and offline at bags. Often if I’m on Pinterest, I will spend a good hour pinning beautiful bags that I like.

As I said in the introduction of this blog, I’m obsessed with bags. So its only natural I would look spend my time looking at them and forever thinking about my next bag purchase.

Anyway as I’m obsessed with bags, I can’t be the only who enjoys looking at bags and pinning them on their Pinterest board. So I did the only logical thing to do in the world – create a Pinterest group for The Beautiful Bag Blog.

The Beautiful Bag Blog Pinterest Group is dedicated to nothing but bags. All bags of shapes and sizes. No bags are off limit.

So if you enjoy looking at bags and then pinning, then come and join the Beautiful Bag Blog Pinterest Group.

The rules are simple and don’t really need any blog long explanation – just pinned bags and nothing else. Anything else will be deleted. Please also do not message other people asking to join or follow your board.

How to join: Please follow The Beautiful Bag Blog Pinterest Group and then email me at – or message me on Pinterest requesting to join. Please do not spam me if I don’t add you right away.

And that is it. Very simple and quick. I look forward seeing you all in The Beautiful Bag Pinterest Group.