Asos teddy bear fur bag

More fluffiness fun again, especially if you love your bag on the furry side. Let me show you this Asos teddy bear fur bag.

Remember when I showed you the Topshop fluffy bag? Well, this time we kick up the fluffiness a notch with this rather bright red Asos teddy bear fur bag.

Yeah, I can’t decide whether to like this or not. As I don’t want to even think how many poor teddy bears were massacres to make this bag. And I’m really not a fan of anything fluffiness as it just impractical when it raining.

But you got to admit that this bag is most defiantly on the fun side. This I feel is more of a middle school girl bag and you would use this when having a sleepover with your friend.

But as I’m sitting here and looking at it. I can see this also appealing to some fashionista adult.

The kind of adults who want to reclaim their childhood toys, yeah even I can hold my hand up on this. I still have all my old childhood teddy bears; I’m not even joking. Currently, they are in a sack under the bed collecting dust.

So anyone who wants a fun, fluffiness teddy bear bag? Well, you in the right place as this Asos teddy bear fur bag is indeed for you.

Whether you are a middle school girl having a sleepover or a cool childish fashionista, the Asos teddy bear fur bag is the one for you.

Not something you can use on a day to day basis (well, you can but think of all the dirt it will collect?), but a bag that will stand out and be different from all the other bag in your collection.

Would you use this Asos teddy bear fur bag?

Asos teddy bear fur bag

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