accessorize bum bags

An old bag trend is making a reappearance on the high street this year, bum bags. Let me show you Accessorize bum bags.

Now, who here remember bum bags from the late 80s – early 90s? Oh good, I’m not the only one. Yeah, I remember bum bags from when I was growing up. I had a pink shiny one and I thought I was the coolest kids in town had one. All my friends would laugh at me and told me I was ‘sad’. But I didn’t care, I thought I was cool and hip.

I remember going shopping with my mum and seeing a lot of people wearing a bum bag, then as the 90s progressed – they just kind of disappeared. Like they just vanished into thin air.

I do also recall a girl in my class at high school having a bum bag, she called it her ‘make-up bag’ – but a lot of people would laugh at her and told her only old people used them. I doubt she cared what people thought of her, she stilled used her bum bag for her make-up thought out her time at school.

Despite this stigma with a bum bag, with them perceived as sad and old – they are now making a comeback. And if I’m honest, I’m thrilled about this.

Bum Bag is a big trend for spring/summer 2018, and this time – you will no longer feel like the sad loser. Instead, you can finally be a trendsetter.

This time around I’s showing you these gorgeous Accessorize bum bags, which for the obvious reason have caught my eyes.

So if you are new to this whole ‘bum bag’ trend and wondering what the fuss is about? Well, I personally think bum bag works just as well as your handbag.

They keep your hand free, your money is easily available, as well as your personal items and also they can blend into an outfit.

So if you want to try out this new bag trend, or want to try out a bum bag for yourself – then go check out my selections of Accessorize bum bags.

accessorize bum bags

(L+R – T+B)

Bloomsbury Embroidered Bumbag

Sorrento Multiway Bumbag

Exotic Sequin Bumbag

Mirror Tassel Bumbag

Beach Comber Sequin Bumbag

Bondi Geo Bumbag