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The Beautiful Bag Blog is written by fashion and lifestyle blogger, Anna Nuttall.

I studied Fashion Journalism at university, and once I graduated it fueled my obsession with fashion and writing and that was how annanuttall.com was born. However, being the shopaholic I am, I need a separate space to talk about another obsession of mine – bags.

To those who know me, especially someone like my husband; I’m a bag-aholic. I buy bags like they’re going out of fashion. It’s often been said that I could easily turn my house into a bag palace.

That was how The Beautiful Bag Blog was born, through an obsession with bags. Now I’m not just talking about handbags here. I’m talking about a number of bags such as: satchels, backpacks, clutches, shopper etc.

The bag is a girl’s quintessential accessory; it can match your outfit or even your shoes. The Beautiful Bag Blog is aimed at helping you pick that one essential accessory so you never go wrong.

Why the Name:

The name for this blog: The Beautiful Bag Blog came after my husband and I spent one afternoon brainstorming. We wanted a name that was bold, beautiful and is able to make a big impact on the readers.

What to Expect on The Beautiful Bag Blog?

A top to bottom blog dedicated to all things bags. Expects celebrity bag posts, the latest seasonal bags trends, a look at what’s inside a bloggers handbags and where to find the best bag bargains.

If you are on the hunt for a new bag, then this is the place to be as my aim on here is to help you with your personal dilemma. If you don’t know how to style a certain outfit with a bag, then you are in luck as I will don my super-girl cape and will solve your problem.

You can expect honest blog posts here. I will only write about something if I truly like it.  A number of my posts will be affiliated, but I will only post something if I truly recommend it. I will never put anything on here if I don’t recommend it.

As well as all that, you can also expect a friendly voice and someone who is never too busy to talk to you. Please take a look at my contact page if you wish to get in contact for a friendly chat.

If you like the sound of all that, then what are you waiting for?

Who Designed Your Logo?

My husband: Richard Nuttall