Accessorize weekend bag

Here is a bag which I think will solve all your travel bag problem and make you look stylish. Here are 3 reasons why you need this Accessorize weekend bag in your life.

If you’re are like me and always on the lookout for a good travel bag, especially if you have – what I’m calling ‘the travel bug’ (read my other blog to find out what I mean), where you are just itching to go somewhere and never happy staying in one place.

Then I think you will love this Accessorize weekend bag and why you need it in your life.  I don’t say this with a lot of bags, but I’m fairly confident that you will fall head over heels in love with this Accessorize weekend bag.

Here are 3 reasons why you this accessorize weekend bag in your life and why you would be foolish to pass it up.

The size:

In some cases, sizes shouldn’t matter. But in this instant – it does. This accessorize weekend bag is what I consider to be the perfect size for a travel bag. It big enough to fit in all your clothes and other bits and bobs for a weekend away, while also small enough where you can just use it as a handbag.

The Beautiful design:

This bag is beautiful to look at. A beautiful embroidered print of London complete with famous landmarks, such as big ben, the wheel, a telephone box and a red double-decker bus. The beautiful design is certainly a lot more pleasant to look at some old brown bag that you usually use.

The Straps:

I know I say this with every blog post, but I really do like straps on a bag where it allows me to keep my hands free. I hate having to hold the bag all day, thus not letting me do anything else with my hands. So if you’re like me and like a bag that has straps where it crosses the body and lets you keep your hand free, then you will like this bag.

Those where my 3 reasons why you need this accessorize bag in your life. Are you convinced?

Accessorize weekend bag